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About Jacqui McDonald Embroidery Teacher

After completing a degree in Conservation and Restoration at I gained employment with the National Trust. Having enjoyed over 7 years experience of caring for a multitude of object from tapestries and gilded furniture to ceramics and fragile textiles, I decided to apply to the Royal School of Needlework to learn more about caring for textiles. I found that the three year apprenticeship they were offering at the time was perfect for my needs. They offered a strict and extensive learning programme covering all the traditional forms of embroidery, so not only would I learn how to care for traditional textiles I would also learn how the embroideries were created. I was excepted onto the Apprenticeship and found I wasn't bad at the sewing stuff!

17 years on, I now teach at the Royal School of Needlework every Wednesday, unfortunately the apprenticeship is no more but they still run a certificated Diploma and also offer a new updated and modern Foundation Degree.

I have recently finished writing my first book!  It is called The RSN Essential Stitch Guide to Crewelwork and was released by Search Press in October 2010

I started hand-embroidered online embroidery shop, because my students were always commenting on how difficult it is to purchase the traditionally used materials in small quantities for the techniques they wanted to try. I have tried my upmost to source best quality fabrics, tools and materials.  

Yes, I know it is a narrow market and I don't imagine I shall achieve a great profit, but  I am in favour of supporting small family run business's and handcrafted tools made within the UK and choose not substitute products for cheaper alternatives. The hope is that the tools you build up in your embroidery kit, if kept well should last a lifetime.

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