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  1. the dress

    Everyone has been asking me if I had anything to do with Katherine Middleton's Wedding Dress. 

    I still cant say much, The royals are determined that the overall designing and making of the dress will be shrouded in mystery for the statutory thirty years. I can tell you that I was one of the ladies that applied lace to parts of the dress, the sleeves, the veil and shoes. 
    None of us at the RSN new who the designer was and we had heard the newspaper rumours that there were 3 different dresses being made so did not know if we would see it until it was revealed on the day. I enclose a pic that gives you a view of the lace on the skirt as It was not clear on the TV coverage. It was really fun to work on and rather exciting having to keep such a secret!

  2. Sarah, Jacqui & Lucy

    I have had few weeks away teaching on the intensive Certificated Course for the RSN out in San Francisco.  I had a wonderful time with my colleagues Lucy and Sarah.

    Our students May 2011

    Sarah, Lucy and I with all our students, who welcomed me to the U.S. with open arms. They were all very dedicated, worked really hard and were up until all hours of the morning to complete there work. Well done to all, very successful grades were achieved and I am very proud of them all.

    Talking through design

    This is Sante talking through her Stumpwork design with me.

    Alessandra with her finished crewelwork piece

    Alessandra with her finished Crewelwork piece.